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CAMELS Investor Focus

CAMELS Group (“CAMELS”) is committed to supporting community banks in developing greater liquidity in their common stock through attracting new local investors to become new shareholders. CAMELS supports this initiative by providing specific programs for ‘Increasing Shareholder Value” which are fully identified in our web site www.CAMELS Group.com.

CAMELS Investor Focus is our newest addition to our suite of shareholder/investor programs providing a long-term solution to institutions addressing;

  • Continuous need to identify new investors due to an aging shareholder base
  • Positioning the holding company/bank for a capital offering requiring the identification of new investors
  • Focusing on new markets by incorporating a directed ownership model to attract and maintain customer relationships; and/or
  • Seamless management of new investor contact information

CAMELS Investor Focus provides a constantly refreshed data base of new investors and existing shareholders who look to expand their ownership position.  The program is web based, fully secure, and is designed for directors, management, and staff to directly identify potential shareholders.  The program provides existing shareholders and new investors the ability to directly enter their own contact information for communication of stock availability.

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CAMELS Investor Focus

Increasing Stock Liquidity and Shareholder Value

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